Life is short, make it simple!

At Fastpayhotels, we are making everything possible to make your life easier. Whether you are representing a travel agency or a hotel, we are dedicated to make sure you spend very little time with us, and much more enjoying life. Our spirit has been build all around the idea that you are already surrounded by lots of complications and so we have implemented the right model and recruited the teams to make your life easier to enjoy.
We are based in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Where life is simple. We have set up Fastpayhotels because we love living here. It’s our spirit of life.

To do so, we propose as a start:

Payment at time of booking

For all bookings, we pay by Virtual Credit Card or bank transfers at time of reservations.
Once your property registration is over, you could receive your first booking payment within 48 hours! We don´t sit on what we consider your cash payment so you can immediately benefit from reservations coming through without having to wait for check-in of customers.

No cancellations

We work with non-refundable rates only.
Once it’s booked, it’s guaranteed revenue for you no matter what happens. You cannot lose with us as we make it very clear from the beginning.

Net rates

We offer you the option to choose according to your business model between net rates or net binding rates.
Stop the hassle of maintenance, complicated revenue management. Getting more doesn’t mean making it more complicated or costly. We want to be your favourite distribution channel so we can assure you that we will be cheaper than the others.

We work with dynamic rates

You are in charge of your pricing, not us.
Increase your prices as demand rises for your property, maximise your revenues and get rewarded for doing it right. Dynamic rates mean that you can easily increase Non-refundable rates and cut Bar rates where cancelations happen. With us, non-refundable rates won´t be ever in stop sales as they guaranteed your revenue.

Enhance your revenues

One Fastpayhotels booking = guaranteed maximum revenue for your property.
Don’t ever closes us up unless your hotel is totally full. You cannot lose as we won´t cancel. Plus, we won´t charge you as much as the others, so you can be reassured that those extra-bookings will have a beneficial impact on your property.