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Únete a la plataforma de distribución de alojamiento más eficiente

Hemos desarrollado una tecnología que traduce el mundo del alojamiento en todas sus formas a la medida de tu negocio. Esta tecnología totalmente digitalizada le permite concentrarse en lo que realmente le importa a usted y a sus clientes.

A first in the industry, providing a full service solution thanks to our most advanced tech, with a full transparency on your distribution.

How does it work?

You sign the deal.

We implement it.

You set-up the rules.

We pay, we service.

You get the sales reports.


We put our tech at YOUR service.

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OUR technology at YOUR service

A Practical Case.

Distributor X is a specialized in Luxury Leisure Agency that needs direct contracting to the most luxuries properties in the world. They have the contact and the volume but they need a fast tech solution to implement and manage the deal. Thanks to By Invitation Only, they have implemented their properties in few weeks and generate sales quickly. Properties dealing with this agency can identify quickly generated all bookings coming from this business and can manage at any time changes in rates and inventory.

Neither the agency or the property have to worry about payment solutions or customer service handled directly by the tech in place but most of all, they do not have to worry about mis-distribution of content and performance.

They receive monthly data insights to measure their marketing initiatives and sales/conversion performance.

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