We are always happy to answer any question regarding our business through our many contacts you will be able to find into our contact section. Please in the meantime, find our most frequently asked questions.

Do you work with static rates?

No, we don´t. 100% of our rates are dynamic. Thanks to this we can guarantee to our customers the best availability in the market.

Do you work with all channel managers?

We currently work with 18 channel managers but we are implementing constantly new channels to meet our hotel demands.

How can I register my property?

You can register your hotel chain or your property by clicking 

Registering with us is really simple. After entering your details, our team will be shortly in contact to help you through the process. We have the capacity to connect a property in few minutes although it takes normally on average 7 days.

Where is Fastpayhotels distributing?

We distribute worldwide. Our strategy has been to identify key market players and diversify very soon our distribution to create a global network for our properties. Our main objective has always been first to work on multi-markets distribution to offer full potential.

Where are Fastpayhotels properties situated?

We do not negotiate our content by market but by deals. While most wholesalers invest in resources market by market, we have the technology to work deal by deal. It means that our 25,000 properties are situated all over the world and we growth pipeline driven.

Calle de la Reina Maria Cristina, 1

Planta 2

07004 Palma


+34 971 416 770

For customer service, please use:

+34 518 899 100

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