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Soccer Match

FIFA World Cup

As you may well know, the FIFA World Cup is taking place in Qatar from 20th November to 18th December 2022.


As a requirement the local authorities are mandating hotels to provide additional guest information as part of the Hayya card validation process for any reservation arriving between 1st November 2022 and 23rd December 2022.


Guests who make reservations with an arrival date between 1 November 2022 and 23 December 2022 are required to provide additional information as mandated by the local authorities.


Therefore, please ensure that the following details are sent via email to

  • Names of all guests in the room(s)as per passport

  • Date of birth

  • Nationality

  • Gender

  • Passport number

  • Passport issuing country

  • Passport type (normal, royal, diplomatic)

  • World Cup Ticket application number


The above information must be provided to the hotel with immediately after making the reservation. If you fail to provide the required information within 24 hours, the hotel reserves the right to cancel your booking.

Should the hotel receive notification from the authorities that approval was not granted, the reservation will be cancelled.


For any further questions or queries please refer to the information on:

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