Our model aims to be the healthiest way of distributing properties in the B2B world by garanteeing: full control of distribution, payment at time of booking and global reach. Fastpayhotels is risk free and pay properties within minutes after the traveller has confirmed booking.


Fastpayhotels launched in 2016 as new B2B hotel distributor. Its business model is able to pay hotels for reservations at time of booking, up to 390 days in advance and focusses on the sale of non-refundable rates. Our new distribution model evolves the relationship between travel agents, bed banks and hotels partners worldwide. Fastpayhotels is a VC backed business that offers 25,000 directly contracted hotels worldwide and 15,000 travel agents.


Globally, the non-refundable prepaid rate is already the cheapest option at many hotels and better value than the BAR rate and even traditional tour operator rates for our travel agent partners. Fastpayhotels´ system, which pays hotels at time of booking, enables agents to have access to what is undoubtedly the best price for any hotel stay.


Fastpayhotels is a first of a kind B2B distribution channel that breaks all the conventions of a traditional bed bank. Fastpayhotels guarantees improved cash flow and profitability for hotels across the world and is able to generate market beating availability and prices for travel agents.Fastpayhotels has hotels contracted in over 78 countries and is headquartered in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

Calle de la Reina Maria Cristina, 1

Planta 2

07004 Palma


+34 971 416 770

For customer service, please use:

+34 518 899 100

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