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Hotels intermediaries are here to bring value and consolidation. Whether you produce millions of searches a day or simply need amazing customer service, you will need a professional partner that can bring the extra value you are looking for.

We identify lost sales opportunity

We analyse the data to see where there are  lost sales opportunities and work with you on getting the right hotel  content at the right time.

We have efficient API and easy mapping

We work constantly on our APIs, demand and supply, to make sure we match your customer needs. Check our Cyrene mapping code in collaboration with Google

Data data and data

We always base our decisions on data and find efficiencies.

24/7 customer service

We have customer service in 3 different locations to match any type of schedule with a team trained to solve your needs.

We have hotel availability others don´t have

Our non-refundable rates are specific to Fastpayhotels. We provide you with last minute availability worldwide.

We can sell you the world

Our 25,000 hotels are located in 78 countries. Wherever dynamic rates and intelligent revenue management happens we will deliver great supply.

Calle de la Reina Maria Cristina, 1

Planta 2

07004 Palma


+34 971 416 770

For customer service, please use:

+34 518 899 100

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