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Fastpayhotels is an innovative, fast-growing accommodation supplier that we have had the pleasure to work with since the company was founded. We highly appreciate the growing hotel portfolio, the speed of the API, and the professionalism of staff and management. We strongly believe they have a bright future ahead of them – go FPH!


Lars Golestan

Managing Director

profitrip GmbH

We're always glad to work with FastPayHotels as they're one of the most loyal partners we have. We can say with confidence that they are always customer-oriented, and it's easy to find a consensus even in difficult situations. We value our cooperation and always ready to give them a hand. Working with them is a pleasure and an honor!


Yulia Shreyder

Account Manager, Supply Department

Emerging Travel Group


Customer Service


Fastpayhotels is a great company to work with. The team is professional and attentive. They are super creative and always eager to try new things. It’s a real pleasure to work closely with them and grow our business together.


Efrat Kaul Granot

VP of Partners Relations at Splitty

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