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Fastpayhotels is a platform that aims to distribute accommodations with innovative products and solutions.

We started our journey 7 years ago as a disruptive hotel distribution business and have evolved to our own IT platform serving the accommodation industry through digitalization and automation.

Fastpayhotels was founded in November 2015, to evolve hotel distribution. The company mojo moves around 3 essential principles: Control, Transparency and Efficiencies.

The business started a journey to convince and onboard hotels into a new way of distribution, starting by focusing on the non-refundable rates efficiencies to quickly move to a full rate distribution model. The company spent 3 years being "product" centric, investing in relationship with the chains, and developing along the way a more ethical distribution. Today Fastpayhotels counts over 300 hotel chains onboarded and manages direct inventory of more than 40.000 properties in over 138 countries.

In 2019, the PE house Magenta Partners invested into Fastpayhotels to create the second part of the project: a powerful IT system that could support more automation and transform Fastpayhotels into a fully digital first company.

After 2 years of development, the company is now fully digitalized and processes are automated for the benefits of both properties and travel agencies. Thanks to this investment the company can manage all its inventory and partnerships with only 30 employees and minimize costs to create the most competitive rates on the market.

Now, the company strategy is to focus on connecting travel agencies all over the world in order to close the distribution cycle while onboard new products for distribution like vacation rentals. Our partners have now access to a full set of solutions around 3 axis: connectivity, customer service and Big data to generate the right solution for their business and maximize margins.

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