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Fastpayhotels is a platform that aims to distribute accommodations with innovative products and solutions.

We started our journey 7 years ago as a disruptive hotel distribution business and have evolved to our own IT platform serving the accommodation industry through digitalization and automation.

Control, transparency and efficiency to the next level

We like to think that accommodation distribution is constantly evolving to bring new opportunities to both properties and travel agencies around the world. We aim to make things easier for everyone and share our knowledge so that partners can benefit from our expertise and focus on their business.

We manage competitive pricing

Thanks to our digitalisation and automation, we can connect around 40.000 properties in real time and operate with less than 40 employees. We are low cost for your benefit.

We have built a healthy business that relies on efficiencies and control rather than manual processes and counterproductive decision making.

Did you know?

We are technology centric. Our IT technology is native for the past 2 years and allows us to adapt very quickly to specific requirements.

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