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Connecting directly to us is the right choice, it guarantees access to the latest technology for distributing properties, but also a garantee of lowest rates in the market. 

Our API has been designed to enhance our content continously and allow you to compete in the online marketplace.

Best Choice

10 reasons to connect to our API

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How does it work?


Preparation phase

Check our Specs by connecting to our SwaggerHub, no credentials are required at this point.


Set-up phase

Bon Voyage

In order to set-up your credentials to access our system, we need to know a bit more about you. We have two questionnaires to fill in that both help us to set-up the right connectivity for you. 

Our introduction Form - will allow us to understand your business model and needs to make sure you receive the appropriate content.


Our API Technical Form & Contact Ready Form - will be required for your set-up to be fully operational and to make sure you have the right information for your implementation.


Dev phase

Well, we have not much to do here. It´s all on you! However, you can always contact us at: for any assistance you may require. Please note we are not available through Skype nor Whatsapp but we will soon hope to there...


QA phase

This is when we certify that you have well implemented our API. At certification, we will send you a set of credentials that you will be able to use to go live.

Certification requires for you to perform and to send us at

- Availability Request and response

- Booking Requests and response

- Cancelation request and response

You´re live!

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