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How can I join?

By contacting your Fastpayhotels account manager or simply writing an email at: and we will be shortly in contact with you. According to your current state of integration and connectivity type, the activation can be immediate.


Can Fastpayhotels guarantee 100% rate control?

Yes, we can guarantee that you will reach 100% control of your rates distributed through Fastpayhotels. We consider that to reach this process, it will take no longer than 6 weeks for the system to stabilize your distribution to the compliance you are requesting.


How is Fastpayhotels able to control rates?

Your connectivity type with Fastpayhotels is a key component of this program. The company has applied a set of tech instruments to guarantee 4 levels of rate enforcements with our customers. For our tech to work, we need direct contracting with the properties and a full transparent communication with our partners, both customers and suppliers.


Why Fastpayhotels is launching this program?

We have identified rate control as one of the major issues in the hotel distribution and we think we have the right technology to support our partners. We will continue to work actively to act as the right intermediary for the benefit of all.


Why are customers applying this program?

Fastpayhotels is fully transparent with its distributors. This program is based on a continuous exchange of information with our partners so they are aware of where they stand and how they can improve their production. Fastpayhotels is applying a zero-tolerance policy on rate control while guaranteeing the best rates in the industry to its customers thanks to its major efficiencies in distribution. Fastpayhotels is now working directly with around 40.000 properties in the world.


How can I know at what level of enforcement is distributed my inventory?

As part of our company transparency policy, you can ask at any time how the program is acting for your specific properties. Our platform is structured so we can easily identified where do you stand.


Can commissionable rates guarantee rate control?

Commissionable rates are no guarantee that rate control will be achieve as they can be discounted. To enforce rate control, those rates must be set with other mechanisms to make sure that they are respected according to the supplier policy.


Do I need to sign an exclusivity?

No exclusivity is required to guarantee rate control. Technology is the only solution to rates digitalisation. Exclusivity is no barrier to the widespread distribution and rates would still be unsecured at different levels of the distribution process. Exclusivity ruling without proper tech limits tremendously sales opportunities for suppliers as strict and heavy cut off rules must be applied to achieve rate control along the way. Also exclusivity programs come normally to a high cost for the inventory owner.


How much does it cost?

Control Plus is free and does not request any additional commission nor extra discounts. Fastpayhotels is a company extremely efficient at distributing inventory to guarantee its competitiveness and does not need properties to finance its program through extra discounts.


What if other distributors are not respecting rate control?

Fastpayhotels cannot control how its competition operates. The owner of the inventory is responsible for defining the rules and the partners that operate on rates.

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