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By Invitation Only: Evolving Fastpayhotels

Updated: May 14, 2022

The post pandemic world is a digital one and this trend is creeping into every single part of our personal and business life. Within our industry, we always knew that dynamic rates, BAR rates, connectivity and automation etc.. would become more prominent but no one expected this to happen so quickly.

When we decided to evolve our business from being a hotel supplier to an accommodation platform and a next generation tech partner we did not know how easy it would be to make this change. The feedback, however, has been positively overwhelming. In a short time, we now have traditional tour operators connecting to hotels and hotels asking us to connect travel agents they have never been able to connect to.

For the past 6,5 years we have pursued our ambition relentlessly to be the best at connecting any accommodation supplier to anywhere efficiently. As a result of millions of euros of investment and a brand new self-built cloud based tech system, we can now connect tents, hotels, villas and apartments etc.. to any type of travel seller using web, PULL or PUSH API to any part of the planet.

At the same time, we hear daily from all hotel chains that 2022 will be the last round of static rate negotiations. Cost cuts, revenue management dominance and parity control is finally moving the needle firmly towards connectivity and away from old school static FIT practices.

By Invitation Only (BIO) allows our partners to contract hotels and vacation rentals direct using Fastpayhotels´ tech and its connections. This new tech product means a travel seller can count on us to connect, maintain, service, pay and operate the a technology connection freeing up the negotiation and contracting relationship to the accommodation and the demand partner. Additionally, this new system ensures the hotel has full transparency and can recognise which travel seller made the booking.

Its key for any travel seller with a well defined niche to ensure it has differentiated supply. Whether they are a luxury, activity based or destination focussed player, they have to have something better than and OTA or an old school bed bank to ensure they can continue to compete and that comes from ramping up their own deals and own value commercials. We know BIO will be a useful technology tool for these players to grow direct deals and better rates and availability.

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