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We love to support travel innovators

The turn of the year has brought us some positives. While bookings remain slow in various part of the world, we are seeing some movement in terms of new business and future customers and that are innovating in travel.

I am especially excited about some of these:

Trending Travel – Based in the UK, this business drives most of its business from Instagram. Using celebrities, they promote holiday packages and destinations on Instagram, generate leads and convert them. It’s excellent execution and a really good example of how to grow social-media based transactions. I recommend you sign up to their feeds on Instagram.

Omnirooms – Based in the USA and Tenerife, Omnirooms is pushing the next level of making frictionless bookings for accessible rooms. This is a huge market and very poorly addressed. Fastpayhotels connectivity makes over 12k ADA accessible rooms available to Travelgali.

Sidehide – I just love this app and the way it uses connectivity and our chatbot to reduce time at check in by providing online check in before arrival. Based in Switzerland the Sidehide team are really pushing the next level of conversion on mobile and to a specific demographic that are time poor. Contactless check in is becoming a serious value add in travel.

At Fastpayhotels we are more aware than ever that consumer behaviors during and post pandemic are changing. It’s a real privilege to be working with so many travel innovators and even when the industry is suffering its refreshing to see that new ideas are still coming.

Alex Gisbert, CEO



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