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Happy birthday Fastpayhotels or the legacy of 5 years of vision

Well it´s this time of the year. Obviously, lots of things to think about and really, I just don´t want to talk about Coronavirus again. Not now. Now it´s time to think about the “Why” of all and see if we are keeping up with our vision and ambitions.

B2B evolves is our why. We created Fastpayhotels because we have this vision that B2B can be different. Yes. Different. Different in facts, different in believes, different with people and different in experiencing the business. We defend ethical values; we defend the truth and reality above all, as hard as it is.

So where are we today? Facts are that:

  • More chains believe Fastpayhotels is the future evolution of B2B hotel distribution and see their benefits through our transparency.

  • More agencies believe that we have the right solutions for them so they can focus on their real business.

  • More IT is involved to decrease our costs and to power our employees.

Our employees are the best we have. They are our strength, our support, our will to achieve. We are so proud of them and their dedication.

Reality is we are happy; we feel more alive then ever. We feel extremely lucky and humble. We want to share this moment with all our partners that have joined our vision, our early adopters, our disruptors that are every day believing in our change to distribute hotels.

2021 is looking good, we feel positive. We hope to spread many good news soon.

Love what you do. Love B2B evolves.

Thanks for your attention and thanks for being part of our trip.




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